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Welcome to Unexpected Fate. A livejournal for sharing scanlations of different genres. I think that's pretty much it. And if anyone would like to help out, please e-mail me to un3xpectedfate[at]hotmail.com Help is appreciated!!
The livejournal of Unexpected Fate will now be the release archive for download links, etc... so here are the links to download Ikenai Teacher, Iketeru Darling Chapter 10b - END

Chapter 10 Part B - A Happy Ending
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6th-Jan-2008 08:37 pm - Website
Hi! No release today. :( But I've got some news. I have made a website for Unexpected Fate. It's not that good looking since I'm new to this, but I tried my best. You can check it out at http://unexpected-fate.890m.com .

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had a good time with your family and friends. Now, here's a release of Ikenai Teacher, Iketeru Darling. This project is almost coming to an end. And to those of you who are wondering when there's going to be a new release of Memories. It will be soon. I want to finish Ikenai Teacher first so that I can dedicate to Memories. Enjoy the release!

Chapter 10 Part A - A Happy Ending
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18th-Dec-2007 01:47 pm - We Selfish Two - Oneshot
I thought I'd share this oneshot since I noticed it was the only one that wasn't scanlated from "Same Cell Organism". These are scans from the english version and were not translated by me. I only scanned them. These scans are for sampling purposes only and are LQ. If you enjoyed this, please support the mangaka and buy the book.

We Selfish Two
AUTHOR: Yumeka Sumomo
TYPE: Oneshots
GENRE: Shounen-ai

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Here's a new release of Ikenai Teacher, Iketeru Darling. It's the last part of chapter 9. Now there's only one chapter left! And as you noticed , this release took me more time. It was delayed because I had finals and no time to edit. But now that it's over, expect another release soon (hopefully).

Chapter 9 Part B - Tense Situation Part 2
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To all fans of Ikenai Teacher, Iketeru Darling that were waiting for a release, here's chapter 9 Part A. It took me a little longer to release because of the editing. I'm kinda slow at it. >.<' But I think I'm getting better at it. Enjoy the release!

Chapter 9 Part A - Tense Situation Part 2
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For those of you who were waiting, here's the rest of chapter 8 of Ikenai Teacher, Iketeru Darling.  And thanks so much for all the comments. Now there's only 2 chapters left. ^_^

Chapter 8 Part B - Tense Situation
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19th-Nov-2007 01:25 pm - Ikenai Teacher, Iketeru Darling
For shoujo fans who were waiting for a release of Ikenai Teacher, Iketeru Darling, here's chapter 8 Part A. I've decided to finish this series and there's only 3 chapters left. I'll be releasing the rest of chapter 8 sometime this week.

Ikenai Teacher, Iketeru Darling
AUTHOR: Toda Megumi
GENRE: Shoujo, Drama, Romance, Smut

Chapter 8 Part A - Tense Situation
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14th-Nov-2007 07:08 pm - Memories
I decided to scanlate a oneshot from an anthology called "Memories" by Otomo Katsuhiro. This is my first time trying to translate a manga. Please leave comments if you find any errors, etc... Just to let you know, this was translated from the spanish version of the manga and since it's quite old, the format is left to right.

AUTHOR: Otomo Katsuhiro
TYPE: Oneshots
GENRE: Seinen

This is a collection of oneshots by the author of Akira.

Story 1 - Memories
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23rd-Sep-2007 06:33 pm - Active Projects
These are the projects that are currently being scanlated by Unexpected Fate.

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